Bloor West Village

This is an one of a kind place in Toronto. Located at the charm Bloor West Village (2352 Bloor St. West), THE Cake SMITH is a cozy place with incredible made-from-scratch custom cakes and pastries.

Soon as you enter the place you can feel special smell in the air, their kitchen is in the back and their windows catch any food lover eyes. This is my view right now:

Blog about food Cake Smith

Staff is very welcome and customers are loyal. I’m sitting here for almost 30 minutes and more than 12 customers came, bought their favorite indulgences and left. Some stayed for a coffee with friends, but this place strength is not “for here” option. They can sit only 10 people per time.

Coffee with friends

The treats you will find here can easily turn any occasion in a special event.

The Cake Smith Toronto

I strongly recommend you to visit THE Cake SMITH. Now if you excuse me, I have an amazing Hazelnut mousse to eat ­čśŤ

Hazelnut Mousse Toronto


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