Brazilian Dishes


This post is about Brazilian Favorite foods (mine at least). Some of the pictures we have done here in Toronto and some my family sent over to me to make me jealous (and they did it lol).

Barbecue is a serious hobby in Brazil, it’s very popular to celebrate a special occasion or get your family together for a Sunday Barbecue. The main difference is that most of times we use charcoal barbecues (or firewood).

Another important point is that we use barbecue iron sticks to have the meat ready. Two very popular beef cuts are Picanha and Costela (Ribs).

Brazilian Food Canada

Brazilian Food My Blog

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-11 at 12.26.19 PM

That’s hard to have here in Toronto, but you can find some Brazilian style restaurants (of course it’s not the same thing as this pictures lol).

Coxinha is one of the most popular dishes for kids birthday parties but I assure you that who have more fun are the adults. It’s a fried dough with chicken breast inside, delicious!

Brazilian Food Ontario

When you have coxinha, you probably have pastel too. It’s a fried dough with meat and cheese stuffed.

Brazilian Food TorontoBrazilian Coxinha and Fries

Man, how I miss it all.


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